Introducing myself.

Since I was 8 years old, I always wanted to care for people, and my love for the medicine really started about age 9 when I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. This led to several hospitalizations in the ensuing years. My passion for medicine grew and I began to feel that medicine was my calling.  I started out in junior high volunteering at the hospital, and during my college and later years, I cared for people with both physical and intellectual disabilities. I later completed my studies as a Physician Assistant at the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program in NYC, and for 15 years practiced in various specialties like Behavioral Health including inpatient and outpatient substance abuse and rehabilitation, Radiology, inpatient and outpatient Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine, Immigration Medicine, and Pain Management. During this time, I also completed certification studies in Natural Health and Wellness (Lifestyle Medicine) and this has been of tremendous benefit to me, my family and my patients.  Since my desire was to ultimately obtain an MD degree and incorporate the rich background I have had into caring for people, I was able to achieve this dream also completing my studies at Texas Tech University Health Sciences in El Paso.  I am now Board-certified and a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine Physician. As a person of strong faith, I believe that God has guided my path and led me through this somewhat circuitous journey to where I am now. As both a patient and a provider, I am in a unique position to not simply understand and treat diseases but empathize with my patients also. My study of Lifestyle Medicine adds an extra layer to how I care for my patients as I always emphasize that disease is not merely a symptom but an expression of a deeper underlying cause that must be addressed if wholesomeness is to be achieved. I believe that this should be the goal of not only the sick and those battling with chronic conditions, but of “healthy” folks also to prevent disease and live to their fullest!

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