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Dr. Reynald Forde

Reynald Forde, MD

Dr. Reynald Forde is Currently Licensed to see Patients in the Following States: Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Texas 

Do you have diabetes? Have you struggled with management, and you just cannot seem to get a handle? Do you get frustrated with the ups and downs of diabetes? Do you get worried, downright scared of being the next diabetic to get a heart attack, stroke, go on dialysis due to kidney failure, get an amputation, lose your eyesight, lose sensation, or experience annoying burning, numbness, and tingling? Do you worry about premature death from the endless complications of diabetes?  Men, do you struggle with erectile dysfunction and its associated mental stress? Women, do you wonder about your performance as well? Do you ever ask: “Why me?” “Why does my provider keep adding new medications and increasing doses at every visit?”  So many questions and so few good answers! But there are excellent answers and available help right here at EdenMD Wellness! I am in a unique class of healthcare providers who not only have diabetes but who live with it successfully. But it was not always like that for me! Those questions were my questions! But wait! Let me share just a snippet of my journey of living with diabetes with you!

Since I was 8 years old, I always wanted to care for people, and my love for the medicine really started about age 9 when I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. This led to several hospitalizations in the ensuing years. My passion for medicine grew and I began to feel that medicine was my calling.  I started out in junior high volunteering at the hospital, and during my college and later years, I cared for people with both physical and intellectual disabilities. I later completed my studies as a Physician Assistant and for many years practiced in various specialties like Behavioral Health including inpatient and outpatient substance abuse and rehabilitation, Radiology, inpatient and outpatient Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine, Immigration Medicine, and Pain Management. During this time, I also completed certification studies in Natural Health and Wellness (Lifestyle Medicine) and this has been of tremendous benefit to me, my family and my patients.  I. subsequently, obtained my MD degree and am now Board-certified and a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine Physician. My focus and passion have been on diabetes care! I have practiced in various places such New York City, NY; Minneapolis, MN; El Paso, Texas and Northern Arizona. But this journey has been anything but easy! In a nutshell, I have had to deal with various issues the worst of them being two heart attacks and an open-heart surgery and diabetic eye disease and surgeries. Very few, including family and friends, thought I would be alive till now or as healthy as I am now. What happened that I feel and look better now than I did before? I learned along the way that if I made some changes in my life, things could change. They have and dramatically! I am full of vibrant life! And as a person of strong faith, I believe that God has guided my path and led me through this somewhat circuitous journey to where I am now. As both an educated patient and provider, I am in a unique position to not only empathize with my patients but to also understand and treat diabetes and many of its associated complications. My study in Health and Wellness adds that extra layer to how I care for my patients. I always emphasize that disease is not merely a symptom but an expression of a deeper underlying cause that must be addressed if wholesomeness is to be achieved. I believe that this should be the goal of not only the sick and those battling with chronic conditions, but of “healthy” folks also to prevent disease and live to their fullest!

Dr. Reynald Forde is currently accepting patients. Please click on the appointment tab to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ruth Forde

Ruth Forde, MD

Dr. Ruth Forde is Currently Licensed to see Patients in the Following States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, Washington State, Georgia

Dr. Ruth Forde completed her Family Medicine Residency at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. She is double board certified and holds Certification as a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, and the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. She also holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell.

With more than 15 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Ruth Forde has been drawn to Women’s Health and issues of Depression and Anxiety of various degrees from mild to severe. Her areas of interest and specialty include management and treatment of depression and anxiety due to grief/loss of a loved one or pet; major life changes such as postmenopausal changes, postpartum depression, transitioning from high school to college and career changes. Dr Forde holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cornell University and has worked in areas where patients dealing with depression and anxiety were high. She has been coined by her patients as someone who is calm, attentive, compassionate and a great listener with effective means of helping with Depression and Anxiety that does not include medication alone but a comprehensive/holistic approach.

In her spare time, Dr. Forde enjoys cooking healthy meals, going for walks with her family, music, and reading. She also loves different languages and is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Ruth Forde is currently accepting new patients. Please click on the appointment tab to schedule a visit with Dr. Ruth Forde.

“Dr Ruth Forde is a Family Practice Physician whom I worked with at the White Earth Indian Health Service Unit in 2013-2015. She is a kind, caring physician with extensive knowledge that provides exceptional care. Dr Forde goes well above and beyond for her patients to assure that she is providing the best care possible. She cares for her patients in not only a respectful manner but also is gentle, caring, and extremely approachable. She works well with her colleagues and is willing to mentor new providers with great patience and a positive learning environment.  Dr Forde is an exceptional provider and I would highly recommend her without reservation.” D. Pepper, FNPWH-C